I’m Sedna…
Sedna, goddess of the sea.
The sea is calling you! I came to get you!
Come closer.
Give me your hand
We will go on a long journey with you
In strong winds and icy waters…
I will whisper to you the meaning of courage, love, and passion.
But first, we’re going to make an Eskimo Roll.

Our first Greenland paddle was created in cooperation with a designer from Perun Paddles from Berlin. The creators-kayakers from Perun Paddles transferred their experience to this unique paddle.
When designing the Sedna paddle, we focused on both the design and function of the Greenland paddle. Our Sedna will give you comfort, safety, and lots of fun. Meet Sedna, check us on and under the water.

You can order today. The paddle will be available soon in our store.

Sedna grenland paddle