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Sea Paddles and Touring Paddles

Looking for the perfect paddle for your sea expeditions and touring kayaking? Look no further than Gpower’s line of Sea Paddles and Touring Paddles. Our latest product, the Barracuda sea paddle, is the perfect companion for your water adventures.

From €365.00
(Excluding tax)
From €365.00
(Excluding tax)

Introducing the Barracuda Sea Paddle

The Barracuda sea paddle is a new version of the versatile all-round paddle, well known to canoeists. Thanks to generations of experience and cooperation with the best canoeists in the world, Gpower was able to create an oar made of the best materials, guaranteeing durability at a very low weight. The paddle has a modern line and large, ultra-thin blades, which provide safety against supports, eskimo, even on large unexpected waves.

Carbon Paddles for Shallow and Deep Waters

Gpower's Sea Paddles and Touring Paddles are made with the highest quality carbon epoxy composites, making them extremely light and durable. The edges of the blades are made from “INOX” steel which makes the paddle more resistant to scratches and hits during paddling in shallow and rocky rivers or lakes. Our paddles are perfect for both shallow and deep waters, and the Barracuda sea paddle is available in Large size with two stiffness configurations available with a QNECT shaft connector which can extend the paddle up to 10 cm and fine-tune the blade angle.

Take Your Adventures to the Next Level with Gpower

Experience the thrill of exploring the open waters with Gpower's Sea Paddles and Touring Paddles. Our paddles are designed to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for both beginners and experienced paddlers. Don't let heavy and cumbersome paddles weigh you down during your expeditions. Gpower's Sea Paddles and Touring Paddles are designed to be light, durable, and easy to use, so you can focus on your adventure and make the most of your time on the water.

Experience the Difference with Gpower

At Gpower, we are passionate about providing the highest quality Sea Paddles and Touring Paddles for all types of paddlers. Our paddles are the result of years of experience and collaboration with the best canoeists in the world. The Barracuda sea paddle is the perfect example of our commitment to providing durable, lightweight, and safe paddles for all types of water adventures. Try our Barracuda sea paddle today and experience the difference for yourself.