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Sea & Touring Paddles

Embark on your sea expeditions and touring kayaking with confidence. Gpower presents a premium range of Sea & Touring Paddles, meticulously designed to elevate your paddling experience.

From €365.00
(Excluding tax)
From €365.00
(Excluding tax)

Introducing the Barracuda Sea Paddle

The Barracuda sea paddle is a revamped version of our versatile all-round paddle. Crafted with insights from the world's best canoeists and leveraging generations of experience, this paddle boasts top-tier materials ensuring durability without compromising on weight. Its modern design, coupled with large, ultra-thin blades, ensures safety even in challenging conditions.

High-Quality Carbon Paddles for All Waters

Our Sea & Touring Paddles, including the Adventure, are constructed with the finest carbon epoxy composites. This ensures they're not only lightweight but also robust. The blade edges, crafted from “INOX” steel, enhance the paddle's resistance against scratches, making it ideal for both shallow rocky rivers and deep serene lakes. The Barracuda, available in Large size, features a QNECT shaft connector, allowing paddlers to adjust the paddle length up to 10 cm and fine-tune the blade angle seamlessly.

Why Choose Gpower's Sea & Touring Paddles?

With Gpower, you're not just choosing a paddle; you're opting for an experience. Our paddles are the culmination of years of expertise and collaboration with elite canoeists globally. Lightweight, durable, and user-friendly, our paddles ensure you can concentrate on your adventure, making every moment on the water count. Experience the Gpower difference with our range of Sea & Touring Paddles.

Explore our full range of Sea & Touring paddles and discover why Gpower is the preferred choice for paddling enthusiasts worldwide.