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Outrigger Canoe Paddles

As an outrigger canoe enthusiast, you understand the importance of having the best outrigger canoe paddles to help you navigate through the waters. At Gpower, we offer a range of outrigger carbon canoe paddles, including the Baltic, Warrior OC1, and Baltic RACING, that are designed using the latest 3D technology and feature a Monocoque construction for superior performance.

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Carbon Fiber Paddles

Outrigger paddle Warrior OC1

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Baltic Outrigger Carbon Paddle

The Baltic Outrigger Carbon Paddle is our best outrigger canoe oar that boasts a unique water drop design for easy and smooth drawing. The feather surface's innovative shape enhances traction and increases efficiency during the first pulling phase, making the stroke more comfortable. The carbon fibers' appropriate selection results in a lightweight and stiff paddle that prevents overload fatigue, making it perfect for long training sessions. Additionally, this paddle comes in two sizes with a carbon shaft and a blade that is bent 10 degrees from the bar axis. For those seeking a more adjustable option, there is a Qnect composite adjustment system version that allows for length adjustment between 120-140cm.

Warrior OC1 Outrigger Paddle

The Warrior OC1 Outrigger Paddle is perfect for enthusiasts who want an efficient paddle without sacrificing performance. This paddle features a unique feather surface for more comfort and stability in the water. The embossing on the feather provides a good grip that facilitates the rotation of the back, shoulders, and hips for better performance and maintaining good speed. The 50% carbon version is ideal for recreational paddling while the ELITE version (100% carbon) is for professional racers.

Baltic RACING Outrigger Paddle

The Baltic RACING Outrigger Paddle is designed for high-performance racing with its Monocoque construction that perfectly dampens vibrations between the blade and the shaft. The unique water drop design enhances its grip, providing superior maneuverability during the race. The ELITE version (100% carbon) is the best option for professional racers seeking maximum efficiency and speed.

At Gpower, we are committed to providing high-quality outrigger canoe paddles that are both durable and efficient for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Explore our range of outrigger canoe paddles and choose the best outrigger canoe paddle that fits your needs.