3D + 5D CNC
Lambda VTS machining center numerically controlled in 5 axes.
The machine is dedicated to the processing of items made of wood, wood-based materials, plastics and composites, materials of polyester and epoxy resins, aluminum and materials of similar hardness.
Work area: 7000 x 3200 x 1450 mm
Aluminum “T” grooved working table including Vacum hybrid on the surface of 4000 x 2100 mm

Electric spindle 18 (S6) kW

Designed for cutting composite materials with a working width of 1750 mm and with a receiving belt. We cut materials in one or more layers, we can cut up spatial and filling materials. The height of layers of cut material must not exceed 90 mm. To make the cutting system as cost-effective as possible, we use Nesting, which saves our clients time and money.
Machine: Cutter Unicut 3C.

Professional heating cabbin for heating laminates Working temp: max 120 oc. Dimensions 5000 x 2000 x 1800 mm Professional spray booth Dimensions: 7,000 x 3,000 x 2,800 mm

With the help of UV printing we make prints that are very solid, waterproof and resistant to UV rays. We print on a wide variety of elements made of metal, glass, carbon, wood, rubber, cardboard, glass tiles, etc. Thanks to UV technology, we can apply appropriate markings on e.g. pipes, rating plates, marking plates for switches, measuring rods. Working area up to approx. 90 x 50, cm and the printed object cannot be higher than 110 mm. Printing can be done with white, and places can be enriched with decorative varnish. Reduce to printing costs, allows you to bypass the tampon or screen printing techniques and allows you to print from just 1 pc.

We design 3D elements based on the dimensions provided by customers. We also model parts from scratch for specific applications. Based on the Solidworks package, we are able to implement any project from individual elements to large assemblies or elements with a range of motion. At a later stage of work with the project, we perform 3D printing or milling at a convenient scale.