Slalom Carbon extreme paddle – Spider EXTREME

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Slalom Carbon extreme paddle - Spider EXTREME

When you choose a standard connection, please choose also : Paddle Lenght, Twist and Angle. At the next step You can choice paddle glued (You receive paddle ready to use) When you choose Qnect adjustable system mark the minimum lenght which You would like to have and skip Twist and Angle. The Qnect system gives You possibility of changing the length of the paddle + 10 cm. If you are not afraid of tools and you have a knack for DIY mark NO in the last check box.

Carbon extreme paddle – Spider EXTREME

is our latest model of slalom paddle in which we used a unique inner surface of the blade. The concave grooves and irregular shape increase the effective working surface while maintaining the standard size. Thanks to months of testing, we can confidently say that this is an innovation that allows you to improve stability on the water, increase available power and draw more water during each stroke.

Andrej Malek (SVK), our team athlete, has demonstrated his skill with this blade by winning the 2019 ICF World Cup 2 in the men’s K1 Competition using this innovative paddle.
Choosing from variants of construction, size and stiffness of the shaft makes it possible to choose the right paddle for each level of athlete’s skill. In each variant, the blades are available with a stainless steel reinforcement along the outer edge, protecting the blade against damage.

Application: Kayak slalom paddle
User level: Professional athlete, hard training
Paddle material: Carbon extreme


Size XS S M L XL
Blade area 701 cm2 733 cm2 752 cm2 770 cm2
Blade length 472 mm 485 mm 490 mm 495 mm
Blade width 207 mm 210 mm 215 mm 220 mm
Carbon content – blade / shaft 100% / 100% 100% / 100% 100% / 100% 100% / 100%
Shaft diameter 28 mm 28 mm 28 mm 28 mm
Paddle weight ~ 685 g ~ 700 g ~ 715 g ~ 730 g
Metal Tips yes yes yes yes


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Weight 9.9 kg

What is a Qnect and how it works?

Our paddles are available with the QNECT adjustable system (aluminum or composite). This allows adjustments of the overall paddle length (within 10 cm) and blade angle from 0° to 85° right or left in 5° increments. The QNECT system allows the setting of your personal blade angle and also disassembling the paddle into two parts for easy transportation.

QNECT aluminum – made from a special type of aluminum using cathodic protection technology to prevent from corrosion in salt water; ideal for flat-water canoe and kayak paddles in fresh water. Superior handle stabilization in canoe paddles.

QNECT composite – A solid composite system, made from special polyamide material which is extreme resistant to impact and salt water. Very easy to use, with the ability to correct the draw. Recommended for all paddles, especially in salt water.

Don’t forget to clean the paddle and QNECT system after use in fresh water. If you use it in salt water, do it after each session. For paddles not used for more than two weeks – store disassembled.

Cutting and Gluing

For customers who don’t know their ideal paddle length and turning angle, we always recommend choosing the option with the QNECT adjustment system. All you need to do is enter the minimum length, and the paddle that you get with the package will allow you to find the right settings by changing the parameters easily and quickly during each session.

If you already know your favorite setting, we can configure your paddle like a tailor-made suit. Just like the best tailor, we will create a paddle ideally suited to you, which will be ready to use straight from the package. In this option you have to enter the paddle length, blade deflection angle and turning sides for your dominant hand.

If you are not afraid of tools and you have a knack for DIY, your paddle can be sent unstuck in two parts. Select the appropriate options when ordering, and we will reach them and mark the angle, which will facilitate later assembly. G’Power is not responsible for any damages to the paddle if the customer decides to assemble the paddle themselves.

For instructions on how to do this, please refer to this link:

What paddle construction should you choose?

Our latest models of slalom paddles are divided into 4 categories so that you can properly choose the paddle to your current level of skill. Your choice will give you complete satisfaction during each workout and serve as long as possible. Remember that the ultra-light paddles are designed for high-performance athletes, where every gram matters and can decide the place at the finish line. However, the paddles will not last as long as training paddles, which are more appropriate for a wider audience. All constructions have a standard additional reinforcement of the blade made of stainless steel, which protects against edge damage and increasing longevity.


EXTREME – The outer layers made of SPREAD TOW CARBON fibers feature not only design and the iconic large woven squares, but above all the excellent characteristics of this material, which have been successfully used in the latest Formula 1 car designs for several years.
This material, together with the combination of multiaxial and unidirectional (UD) fibers, makes the EXTREME paddle ultra-light with unprecedented rigidity. EXTREME models are up to 15% lighter than standard 3K carbon technology.
Design for the best athletes in this discipline and successfully used by such stars of our team as Jessica Fox, Aleksander Slafkovsky, Luka Bozic and many, many others. Are you ready to join them?

ELITE – 3K fibers used for outer layers have been successfully used for years in the production of high-performance sports equipment. In combination with UD and Multiaxial fibers, they give the ideal build for paddles designed for high-performance athletes. Very light and the most popular construction for athletes at the highest degree of skill. Excellent build for paddles for experienced players in the 16+ category.

RACING – A new design recently introduced for less experienced athletes who aspire to join the elite. The outer layers, as in the ELITE construction, are made of 3K carbon fibers, while the interior hides a combination of multiaxial and unidirectional glass fibers combined with an aramid-carbon fiber. The blades in this constructions are slightly heavier but more resistant to damage and knocks from competitors. The right choice for the 12-16 age category and enthusiast paddlers on rapid rivers.

CLUB – A paddle created for amateurs of mountain canoeing and beginners in slalom canoeing. The outer layers made of aramid-carbon fibers give greater resistance to mechanical damage. The internal structure features a combination of selected glass and carbon fibers, making it an excellent choice for competitors aged 10-14. By choosing the paddle in this version you get an attractive price for the same excellent model used by top competitors.

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