G’POWER paddles
created for professionals

Passion and years of experience in classical kayaking has allowed us to create state-of- the-art paddles for the most demanding competitors. Made from the best carbon fibre on the market as well as highest quality epoxy resins present a never before seen manufacturing quality and aesthetics. Through constant research in new materials and technology, the quality of our products is continually improved – ready to take on challanges that the best kayakers set us.

Light weight, extensive durability and excellent efficiency in water are just a few factors that come into play when we make G’POWER carbon paddles. It is by focusing on these factors that we have earned the respect of experienced competitors and coaches. Even in the first years of the company, the competitors using our paddles were winning World Cups, World Championships and European Championships. In 2008, a Spanish competitor called Carlos Perez Rial fought his way to an Olympic gold medal during the K2 500m – using our paddles…


Individually or for your team, we make a project in which we will put the logo of your club, the national flag. We can put names of players and sponsors’ logos. We will make the paddle elegant and clear, which is important for sponsors and worthy to represent the country or team. You do not need to stick some separate stickers. We “dress” your paddle with all the necessary markings and put it under a safe layer of resin. Be a PRO!

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Check the result of our cooperation. The first paddle in the Perunpaddles line is the Sedna. A paddle made of a fascination for Greenlandic legends, supported by many years of professional knowledge of the G’Power team.

The Sedna is a universal paddle made in the light carbon technology. Thanks to its innovative shape, it will work well in both conditions on calm water and on a wave. This is a great, durable paddle for making “eskimos” turns, but also for fun on the waves or multi-day expeditions. We used the best materials. The unique Sedna oar feather can be optionally equipped with a steel reinforcement to protect the most sensitive places for damage in a difficult, e.g. rocky coast.

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“Das G’Power Twister-Paddel, das ich besitze, wurde an steilen Bächen in Nord- und Südamerika eingesetzt und hat dem Missbrauch standgehalten, ein Vollzeit-Kajaklehrer zu sein. Sie machen großartige Produkte, man bekommt, wofür man bezahlt.”

Jonny M Ortiz / Facebook

“Ich habe eines über Elite Ocean Sports gekauft, nachdem ich gerade mit den Mitarbeitern darüber gesprochen habe, und ich weiß jetzt, wer die besten Paddel der Welt herstellt! Ich liebe mein Galaxy II Mediun!”

Charles Goodson II / Facebook

About Company

G’POWER is a prominent brand on the professional market of kayak paddles. The company was established in 2005 by Rafal and Piotr Glazewski who at the time were based in a small “GP” manufacturing plant established by Piotr in 1988, which was the precursor in the making of “wing blade” paddles in Middle-Eastern Europe.

In the beginning, both the company and the paddles were built by hand. Only from 2010 have we started in the incorporation of 3D modelling as well as precision CAD/CAM using our CNC milling machine. From then on the hand-made models were scanned in and modelled in 3D. Eliminating human error during manufacturing has allowed us to mass produce paddles.

During the beginning years, the company mainly focused on Sprint paddles, however after only 3 years we started to branch out into Slalom paddles as well as Dragon Boat paddles. Today, we offer paddles for Kayak Polo, Stand Up, Outrigger or even Freestyle.

Rafał Głażewski

Master in Physical Education (MPe), polnischer Vertreter des klassischen Kajakfahrens in den Jahren 1996 – 2005. Bemerkenswerte Erfolge: SYDNEY Olympics 2000 [POL]- 19. Platz K-1 1000 m, Olympische Spiele 2004 in Athen [POL] – 8. Platz K-4 1000 m., Bronzemedaille Europameisterschaften (Senioren) 2004 K-4 1000 m. 4. Platz K-4 500 m bei Weltmeisterschaften 1998 i 2005 Silbermedaille Europameisterschaften (Junioren) 1998 K-1 500 m Bronzemedaille Weltmeisterschaft (Junioren) 1997 K-4 500 m.


Piotr Głażewski

(1956 – 2010) Miteigentümer des Unternehmens bis 2010. Von 1997 bis 2004 Trainerin der Olympischen Frauenvertretung (POL). Bemerkenswerte Erfolge: SYDNEY Olympics 2000 – Bronzemedaille K2 500m ATHEN Olympische Spiele 2004 – Bronzemedaille K2 500 m In den Jahren 1997-2004 erreichte die Gruppe von Piotr 27 Medaillen bei Europa- und Weltmeisterschaften.


  • 3D + 5D CNC
    Lambda VTS machining center numerically controlled in 5 axes.
    The machine is dedicated to the processing of items made of wood, wood-based materials, plastics and composites, materials of polyester and epoxy resins, aluminum and materials of similar hardness…

    Designed for cutting composite materials with a working width of 1750 mm and with a receiving belt. We cut materials in one or more layers, we can cut up spatial and filling materials.

    With the help of UV printing we make prints that are very solid, waterproof and resistant to UV rays. We print on a wide variety of elements made of metal, glass, carbon, wood, rubber, cardboard, glass tiles, etc.s

    We design 3D elements based on the dimensions provided by customers. We also model parts from scratch for specific applications. Based on the Solidworks package, we are able to implement any project from individual elements…

    Professional heating cabbin for heating laminates Working temp: max 120 oc. Dimensions 5000 x 2000 x 1800 mm Professional spray booth Dimensions: 7,000 x 3,000 x 2,800 mm