If your kayak doesn’t look good anymore but it’s technically ok, we can renew it according to your requirement, and your own painting design. We’ll take care of it properly. Dents, missing material or scratches are not a problem.
For good start we will remove old paint coatings, fill in the gaps and make a undercoat for painting jobs. We will prepare a graphic design according to your requirements. You will get visualization of the design.  There will be pictures from all angles to show you exactly how your kayak will looks after the restoration process. After your approval of the design, we will start the painting jobs. In the end of the coloring process we will wash and polish all the surface. Your boat will shine like a diamond and will looks better than original from the shop. In addition, we can apply stickers with your name or other markings in accordance with ICF standards. Keep in mind that there is no limits.
We can make recovery of the model, brand or other markings, but also we can make full customization of your paddles, ruddler or helmets. All your equipment can have the same unique style exactly how you imagine.
We are at your service.

Team G’Power.


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